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Life Coaching and Personal Coaching

Until recently, coaching was reserved for senior level executives who wanted assistance in developing and polishing their management and leadership skills. But in recent years, coaching has become available to help anyone who desires assistance in getting what they want, or getting to where they want to go.

Life Coaching helps you save time and energy in reaching your desired destination and in achieving your true potential. It will help you figure out what is blocking your progress and how to get over, under, around or through these obstacles and challenges. These obstacles may be external factors such as lack of funding, training, education, skills, or internal factors such as hesitation, indecision, guilt, fear, procrastination, lack of confidence, and ambivalence. Life coaching can help you successfully overcome these and other obstacles that stop you from obtaining your most important and cherished goals.

Coaching helps you clarify your goals and directions, defining what you really want from your life and what you are willing to do and give in order to get what you want. Coaching can help you create your life, as you really want it to be.

Life Coaching and Executive Coaching Versus Psychotherapy

The differences between coaching and therapy are numerous and significant.  Psychotherapy tends to be based on a medical model, which is recognized by the insurance industry, and usually focuses on treating diagnosable medical and/or mental conditions as described in the DSM-IV (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th edition, published by the American Psychiatric Association).

Psychotherapy generally focuses significant time and attention on one’s past history and emotional injuries, with the goal being to bring the patient to a better and hopefully a normal, level of functioning. Therefore, counseling and psychotherapy focus on medical, emotional and behavioral problems, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, addictions, etc. If you are using your insurance benefits to receive psychotherapy, your therapist is reporting health care information to them that might be dangerous to your current and future welfare, since the long term security and confidentiality of this information cannot be absolutely guaranteed. To learn more about the potential dangers of using your insurance and managed care reimbursement for mental health services click here.

On the other hand, coaching is based on a model of adult growth, development and success. It is focused on helping already successful and healthy individuals become even more productive, healthy, successful and fulfilled. It is about helping you reach your full potential, by achieving your dreams, goals, and desires.

Coaching can help you leverage your strengths, skills, interests and innate potential to achieve the results you desire in your professional and personal life. Coaching is about achieving the success, excellence and prosperity you desire in any or every area of your life!

For information on Executive Coaching, click here.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

It works by providing the following features:

  • It provides a skilled, caring and experienced coach who seeks to align with you in defining, pursuing and achieving your goals.We first listen carefully to obtain a preliminary understanding of your desired results and then establish a developmental partnership toward these important outcomes.
  • We then use appropriate assessment instruments and questionnaires to clarify and more accurately define where you are and where you might want to be. This helps describe your strengths and weaknesses, so that we can appropriately leverage your internal and external assets and work on necessary improvements.
  • This leads to the development of an effective action plan for targeted areas of progress and success with specific and measurable benchmarks
  • This results in winning teamwork as you and your coach, Dr. Lee Stoltzfus, align and work together, far surpassing what you might achieve on your own.

  • We help you choose others who might be valuable allies in achieving your dreams and goals, such as selected friends, family members, co-workers, mentors, etc.

  • Ultimately, you achieve your most important personal goals through action and structure: which includes support, challenge, accountability, and coaching, measuring progress at frequent intervals along the way.

Life Coaching Will Make A Difference!

Click here for information on Executive Coaching.

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